Me, in a paragraph.

My girlfriend told me about how she was trying to type out the word douchebag, but her phone kept autocorrecting it to donuts.I said that is the PERFECT name for a blog! So I added divine as figuring out my faith without the filter of patriarchy is a huge part of my life and well…. here we are ūüôā Really, I am just trying to love. But make many mistakes, hurt without meaning too, laugh loudly, encourage fun and pray for grace. Avoid the overly educated but seek truth for it is simple, am a bundle of contradictions wrapped in a blunt personality. I understand that what I do¬†isn’t¬†about me, it’just my voice in the global chorus chanting and¬†working¬†towards women’s equality.. I am known for being highly critical, and not usually good at playing with others(usually¬†said by those with more power than I) Because¬†I am accountable to the¬†marginalized¬†as long as I good with them, all is good ūüôā ¬†Many have¬†pointed¬†out that achieving optimum caffeine levels can usually help these character flaws.

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